Are you COMPLETELY satisfied with the direction your career is headed?

What up homey, 

I'm Drew. Rap Coach Extraordinaire. 

Let me tell you what I know about where you're at:

There’s nothing worse than spending literally YEARS of your life obsessed with a music genre you want to create at the highest level, but with NO IDEA how to go about doing professionally. 

You’re going through everyday of your life with memories of spending hours glued to the screen, idolizing your favorite artists and wishing you could be exactly where they are… 

…Yet it seems absolutely impossible. They almost seem like they’re from another planet. 


How You Feel You Right Now

That feeling of not having a “plan” to get from point A (the lonely, confused place you might feel as a ‘starving artist’) to point B (the domination of the music world with nothing but FREEDOM to express yourself creatively and have the whole globe want to sing along) is SO painful.

That deep, unmentioned emotion of doubt wondering if you’ll ever measure up to that artist you’ve admired your whole life. 

The hardest part is the questions you ask yourself when you watch your favorite artists living the life YOU want, you feel you DESERVE

  • How did they learn how to construct a song into such a catchy and relatable format that the second you hear it, you want to memorize the entire thing repeat every word in an arena filled with tens of thousands of people?
  • How do they step on stage with absolutely NO fear, the perfect “microphone voice”, command the attention of everyone in the crowd, and dominate for two, three hours?
  • How did they build a street team of loyal “super-fans” that will promote them while they sleep?
  • How did they find the right engineers and producers to get their sound so expertly crafted that listeners are hounding their social media for their next track, rather than spamming the world to get just a few listens?
  • How did they promote themselves to get from out of their small apartment or their mother’s basement onto a world tour?
  • Speaking of which, how did they get so many followers and get their name out there? Social media seems so complex right now. 


What You Need Right Now


But I know what you need:

YOU NEED A PLAN. And you need it FAST. 

What if I was to tell you that in an hour’s time, I could provide the answers your looking for about the questions you’ve just read… 



(Yes, this is a real thing, and I’m going to explain how we’re going to do it.) 

Look, when I first started How To Rap from my college dorm, I wouldn’t feel qualified to tell you that I could do this for you. 

I wouldn’t have the years of expertise working directly with artists to input directly into your career and life situation to get you results so quickly - and I certainly couldn’t do it in an hour…


This is three and a half years, 125,000+ subscribers, 9 million views, 1,000+ personally coached, and 10,000+ other followers spread across social media speaking. 

But those are just fun numbers to throw around. I don’t say it to brag. I say it because I’m thankful. I say it because it demonstrates that I’m not hear to BS you, and I haven’t for three years. 

But let’s get more specific. 


What Can Happen To You

In my first year of coaching, I remember the first time I had an artist get offered a record deal after following my exact instructions. 

Like I said, I won’t lie… I was surprised how quickly people were getting results. I’m not superhuman. I just know what I’m talking about. 

He had a song half-completed that he thought was mildly decent when he sent it my way. No big deal, he had sent me songs in the past. He had no reason to believe it would grab my attention. 


I immediately hit him up and told him to finish the song, that this was a strong viable option for a hit… and that we needed it to hit the airwaves. My team agreed.

Within a few weeks, he was on,, being courted by industry managers who had worked directly with Wale, Kanye West, and many other names that frankly I can’t remember because the guy was so connected in the music business. 

A few weeks after that, Mike Will Made It and MMG are offering my client a deal. They fly him out to Atlanta. My client sends me the contract to look over. Things start moving. 

This isn’t exaggeration, this isn’t “random industry names” picked out of hat…

…This is what happened in How To Rap’s FIRST year of business. 

You’re meeting us with TWO MORE years of experience. 


The Multiplatinum You Can Work With

I’ll tell you one more quick story (more recently) about some of my colleague’s expertise I’ll fill you in once we chat. 

I can remember the first time I befriend a multiplatinum producer in the music industry.

He stayed at my house for a week and we made music, ran the town chasing chicks, and generally got tight in a way that isn’t common in the shady music business. 

The first night we hung out, I stood backstage at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas watching Method Man perform his classic tunes as we toasted Hennessy and tried not to stare at the bottle girls in VIP while the performance was going on. 

When the end of our week of partying, music-making, and industry knowledge exchange ended, he told me the most important thing about the game is to BE YOURSELF, be NORMAL, and let the quality relationships come to you


Too many artists try to present some image of “cool” to powerful people in the game, which comes off cheesy and makes you like EVERY OTHER RAPPER / PERFORMER trying to make a buck, and it doesn’t work.

Even I tried that for a while, and got nowhere. I want to save you the headache of wasting your time on B.S. 

I wouldn’t have known this if it wasn’t for direct 1-on-1 time with multiplatinum producers. Artists getting offered deals. Musicians who came from the bottom and are now able to follow any dream imaginable. 

That’s what I want to offer to you once we chat on an hour long personal consultation. 


What You'll Feel After We Work Together:

After you’ve talked to me for less than the length of a movie:

  • Enjoy the sensational feeling of having a specific action plan for your career so that you can feel secure with unsurpassed confidence to plan that next remarkable promotional campaign on your next track
  • For the special moment you want to release your music, you can immediately crush that nagging voice in your mind questioning how genuine the current fanbase you have hearing your incredible music by achieving an expert-level understanding of industry sound quality
  • You can safely create your next song with the unquestionable self-belief of a music business professional’s advice surging through your mind as you write every line
  • You can suddenly dominate and soar over that writer’s block and confused mental wall stopping you from creating that quality soundtrack to the lives of thousands you have hidden inside you
  • You can do away with frustration of doubt in your live performance abilities by getting revolutionary answers to your simplest questions in a fraction of the time it would take to study hours and hours of concerts…
  • You can receive a magic set of easy-to-replicate experiences to breakthrough your stage presence blindspots from the comfort of your home and use the next time you rap, for anybody!


People Just Like You Feel The Same Way: 

Let people who have gone through my coaching tell you a bit more: 

“A couple of weeks ago my Soundcloud hit 10,064 plays in total… and I only have 5 songs out… this is crazy yo the fans gobble my sh*t up like drugs…”  - BK, New Hampshire, USA

“DREW I WON THE F*CKING COMPETITION MAN! I’m very happy right now… I just wanna say thank you for everything you… have done for me… You made me the rapper I am today… with you… I would probably still try to figure [out] how to write a song by now :)” - DN, Lisbon, Portugal

“My experience so far has been nothing but positive… I have learned a lot so far and the information is presented clearly as well as what is expected of me… I can definitely notice an improvement in my writing and I am able to write verses much quicker compared to when I started… I also like how you include material on mindset and self improvement in addition to everything else… I believe that your mindset and work ethic can be just as, if not more important than your talent. So I appreciate you including those topics as well.” - NG, Tampa, Florida 

“Just got contacted by an A&R scout for Universal Records about [my single]… working on 800 plays in a week and 4 remixes without my permission!!… Thanks #HowToRapFamily” - VB, St. Louis, MO 

How would it feel to experience that?


What You Need To DO Right Now: 

So, let’s cut to the chase.

Hop on a personal, 1-on-1, private consultation call with me. 

We’ll run the full hour, uninterrupted, with nobody else around so that anything that is giving you doubt, making you question the direction of your career, or special motivation that you need is fully confidential and tailored to you

This is how our call is going to look: 

Before the call:

  • We set-up a time at both of our convenience where there will be no distractions, only professional grade about YOUR career and music, nothing else. No fluff, just raw, practical steps to make the difference you need IMMEDIATELY. 
  • We provide you will an in-depth specific private survey to gauge your experience level, unique sticking points, and deep questions so that we waste absolutely no time on the actual call with the small talk. 

First 15 minutes: 

  • We go directly through your personal, unique survey on every level of your career to make sure that you’re pacing your art and promotion properly.
  • Think of this like a “music diagnostic”, like going to the doctor and getting a full physical to know the full level of your health so you are dominating
  • After doing this, you will already begin to experience a new lease on life knowing that the industry’s #1 rap consultant has ran through your entire state of career and given you the goods and what to expect in your bright future.

Next 30 minutes: 

This is the good stuff right here. 

  • For 30 straight minutes we go through every single question, idea, concern, and doubt you’ve ever had.
  • We destroy your fears. We analyze your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. If you have music to breakdown, we can do that to.
  • This is where Clark Kent walks into the booth and emerges Superman. 

Last 15 minutes: 

  • We create that “specific action plan” we talked about for you.
  • This is why I give you direct, easy-to-follow, practical directions on “what to do next” so you are no longer IN THE DARK about ANYTHING concerning you after the call. 

With these tools in hand, your journey to the top of the industry is WIDE OPEN, clear skies, and an open road. 


Your Chance To Show The World You Deserve A Shot

So, what’s catch? 

There’s always a catch. 

The catch is this: I only have a LIMITED number of spaces I can do this. 

Remember: I run a fully operational YouTube hub channel with 125k+ subscribers, 6K+ Snapchat, 5K+ Instagram, 3K+ Email list, 4K+ Facebook, blah blah. 

Oh, and my full time group coaching class “The Exclusive Group” you might have heard of.

(Not private the way our call will be, but still super high grade professional ish)

In other words… THIS IS A VERY HIGH END BOUTIQUE COACHING OPTION for you and is VERY, VERY limited in space. 

I’m talking less than five people small.

An hour with me, as confidently as I can say this, is invaluable right now and I’m making this option available for the most dedicated, and that’s it. 

So, if you’ve made it this far and are thinking “MAYBE”…

That space is going get INSTANTLY filled up with someone who is a “YES”. 

Is that you? 

Super limited, personalized attention here. After the personalized coaching calls are filled, there won’t be anymore available.

Now, the moment of truth. 

  • Is it your time to end the excuses, end the waiting game to enter the industry, end the confused sleepless nights of unsure self-hating that you may never make it?
  • Is it your time to make an hour to potentially REVOLUTIONIZE everything you’ve ever dreamed of music?

Or is it time to go back to “maybe”, or “another time”… just like you might’ve said last time an opportunity stared you in the face? 

You’ve read this far. You know the answer is yes. 




If you don’t take this opportunity, you may waste many more HOURS, DAYS, EVEN YEARS, getting gobbled up by an industry that may not have your best interests at heart… if you don’t get PROFESSIONAL level education on what YOUR career specifically needs. 

I don’t want you to continue to wonder if you can even MAKE MONEY off of this music thing, feel overwhelmed by the few plays you might get, look back on these days and reminisce if you just spent your youth on a pipe dream… I DO NOT WANT THAT HAPPENING. 


I want your remarkable change in music to happen NOW


-The Big Homey Drew 


Don't let your spot get filled. I’m keeping this option to literally 5 people a week, and with literally hundreds of thousands of How To Rap viewers, you KNOW how quickly that’s going to fill up. I’m adding this at the end to remind you just how small the group of people able to take this option are. You can be there one. Click below to sign up and reserve your space.


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