Proof It Works

Look, we get it that "teaching people how to rap" or "someone not naturally born with God-given talent can BECOME a GREAT rapper" seems pretty unbelieveable. The only way to truly put your mind at ease when learning about this is show you the proof. Cold, hard evidence that amazing rap skill can be learned by not just one person... not just a "special few"... but almost ANYBODY.

Students Get Contacted By Major Record Labels

"Just got contacted by an A&R scout for Universal Records about [song I recorded while a member of The Exclusive Group]... Working on 800 plays in a week and 4 remixes without my permission!! lol But I want to thank all of y'all for sharing it and letting all your people enjoy it as well. Thanks #HowToRapFamily"

We Turn Amateurs Into Pros

"Sorry for three posts in a row but anyways haha I've been making lots of professional steps to help my career... I now have professional photos, I record in a real studio now and I've established good trust and friendship with my producer, I have a publicist aka promoter who has gotten my social media numbers up like crazy the past month, he's working on booking me shows and getting me gigs, I've been tweeted by multiple accounts some with even 100k followers +, I'm now the second best rapper in my STATE oh and I just got invited to my states annual cypher. And I also got my website domain name purchased and I'm getting my own website built right now... ya boys making moves... this is what separates people from saying 'oh yeah he can rap' to 'oh yeah he's a RAPPER'" 

Even Former Clients Say We're Brilliant

"I fully encourage you to use this with your current students if they try... and leave...

I've been listening to my old recordings lately, and it seems glaringly obvious that if I just kept doing what I was doing, I'd be doing much bigger things with my music by now... 

If I just stayed in the group and kept writing music instead of...leave for a year... I'd be performing, I'd have fans, etc...

I'm not saying I regret what I did... but at the same time, I quit out of FEAR of the struggle... and that shit was dumb... and I would've been better off believing fully in myself and taking a leap of faith" 

Coaching Class Members Win Major Hip-Hop Competitions

"I got 1st place in TeamBackPack's contest!

Every single person that supported me and took time out of their day to vote for me. Thank you so much. It means the world to me!" 

There's Nothing In The World Like Us

"The How To Rap Exclusive Group is one of the many things in life I am most thankful for. Despite the blessings and painful tropes we endure, we can all agree there is nothing in the world like this 'Hip Hop Class'. This group is innovative and inspiring for an artist like me that would not know what to do if I had never stumbled upon Drew's videos. Thank you to everybody here who has made these dreams possible by creating [a] peer to peer environment that promotes productive growth. These monthly investments we pay are under selling how valuable the future rewards can be. I will be back with my third song of the month by the end of the weekend." 

Join Us And Release Your First Major Project

"...I learned so much from you especially when I just starting out, and am now about to drop my first major project and am feeling good about my future in music. I just want you to know that you've had a very real impact on me, and you definitely have played a part in the future of music." 

"The Fans Gobble My S#!T Up Like Drugs"

"A couple of weeks ago my SoundCloud hit 10,000 plays in total... and I only have 5 songs out... this is crazy yo the fans gobble my shit up like drugs... I just need to pump out stuff quicker"

Clients Win Major Hip-Hop Competitions, Part 2


I'm very happy right now

I just wanna say thank you for everything you and the block have done for me

You made me the rapper I am today

Without you and the group I would be probably still try to figure it out how to write a song by now :D 

But the most important thank you for having the iniatitive to create this incredible group to help people like me, it means alot bro! Thx" 

Follow Our Courses and Get Immediate Results

"Thanks :) btw I've been stuck for a couple days, sitting down to write and coming up with nothing, so I stopped putting off the 'Writer's Block' [How To Rap Exclusive Video Course] like an idiot lol and lo and behold I just wrote a verse :) problem solved" 

"Your Feedback Blew My Mind"

"Thanks bro your feedback blew my mind so glad I came to you thanks for the feedback I literally started to rethink everything in a good way"

Now It's Time Get Results For Your Career.

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