FINALLY. Feedback For Your Music That Can Change Your Life.



Hey yo, your boy Drew here... today I want to make a bet with you.

I BET you that I can read your mind

That's right... 

I can tell you exactly how you feel right now. 

If I'm right, you keep reading what you see below.

If I'm wrong, you can click away at any time. 

Sound like a good deal? Want to try? Okay, here we go...

You reached out because somewhere deep down inside you know that you can't make it in music alone.

You feel a sense that your tracks may take the game over...

But without the proper tips and advice from an expert... You're nervous you could be wrong. 

You think that if you don't find the PERFECT TRACK and your shit's wack... you're going to look lame...

And you don't want to look lame.

You don't want to waste your time.

How can you know that the feedback you've been getting is legit?

How can you know what you're hearing is what other people are hearing?

How can you imagine the feedback you've been getting is real?

What if you didn't have to spend hours and hours overthinking and analyzing each track each day? 

-- How am I doing so far? :) -- 

What you need is to know what the professionals think of your track individually.

You need to get into the mind of someone who's been where you've been and who has risen above the fear to arrive to the place you want to be.

You want to hear from someone who's sat in the same chair you're sitting in now.

You want direct, to-the-point feedback. 

-- A solution exists! -- 

If there's one person who understands what you need and where you've been, it's me.

No, I haven't sold 10 million records and slept with a supermodel (yet)... haha. 

But, ask yourself - is that really what you need right now?

Do you want your teacher to be a FAKE HOLLYWOOD scammer?

Do you want feedback so that paparazzi following you are so that a third grader can photoshop you into a meme and trolls spamming your comment box...

Fake friends trying to sell you the newest drug to look call and try to hook up with your girlfriend...

Do you even want me to be THAT kind of a coach to you? 

Do you need to listen to another music industry hack with a massive ego and a tiny penis telling you some marketing story to get your hard earned cash in his pocket so he can buy more cocaine and strippers?

-- My mind reading says not. You want the real deal -- 

Or do you need the honest opinion of a professional WHO CARES ABOUT YOU...

...who will clearly, patiently, and humbly analyze the music you put your blood, sweat, and tears into?

Do you want your exact problems solved, step-by-step, in personalized form? 

Well, good news.

I'm the second guy.

In fact, I've done it for more people like you than anyone on earth.

That's correct, I've coached more up-and-coming rappers on an individual basis than anyone on planet Earth.

We at How To Rap studios practically invented the art of online rap coaching years ago.

And now we'd like to offer that same level of experience and insight to you on YOUR music. 

In the form of a track-by-track, individualized feedback

Once you receive personalized feedback from us: 

  • You can play that track you've just made ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, with CONFIDENCE knowing that a professional with over 15 years experience HAS HEARD IT, and REVIEWED IT and pinpointed exactly what makes your music stand out 
  • You never have to worry about OVERANALYZING "that" verse you've been losing sleep over with the knowledge that someone who has written literally thousands of verses has GIVEN YOU HONEST TIPS how to EXPLODE your lyrics in the song for MAXIMUM musical impact 
  • You can STOP DOUBTING if it's even worth it to keep making MUSIC day in day because you know you've gotten a PERSONAL REVIEW from industry professionals about YOUR tracks, no one else
  • You don't have to SECOND GUESS yourself anymore with FRIEND'S, wondering if their opinion is legit because you've INTERACTED WITH EXPERTS on your song 
  • You will never have to FEEL ALONE again listening to YOUR SONG because you know someone you can TRUST has listened to it with you and knows EXACTLY how you feel 

Would you like to feel how my current students feel? 

"Hey man I just watched your daily insight today when I got off work about "doing it for you" and I gotta tell you that shit spoke to me...

It made me a bit emotional about it because I can relate to the passion you have for the art and its culture... 

Rap was more than a hobby for me. It was my savior..

Basically I say all of this just so that you know that I know why you do what you do...

But rap isn't just a noun an idea place or thing...

It's a tool that gave me my life back.

It gave me a reason to live.

It gave me my voice back.

And that's why what you do is incredibly important to me...

It means so much what you do. 

You have a fire that you carry and you can't put it down until you find someone who can light a new path for you and the people you want them to lead." 

--DO YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE THIS WITH YOUR MUSIC? Have I read your mind correctly? :)--

Then it's time to sign up for "The Feedback Fastlane"

It's an individualized track review where you send me a song, and I review it personally for you IN VIDEO FORM.

That's right, you can have your own personal video review of your song permanently and never have to worry if that track you've been ITCHING to RELEASE on the world is on a "DOPE LEVEL" again. 


Here's how it works:

1) You send How To Rap the track directly 

2) I review the track within hours of receiving your submission

3) I record a personalized video of feedback for you on the track

4) I send it back to you privately 

BOOM! It's that simple. 


The Feedback Fastlane is ANOTHER LEVEL of professional review for your song.



All of our communications with be 100% guaranteed confidential so that no one else will have to hear ANYTHING. 

Your music will be safe with us as we review your song professionally, record our response, and send it securely to your inbox. 

From the comfort of your home your music will receive a secure, honest, and professional review!


WARNING: Stop Doubting Yourself


If you are still doubting whether this can work for you, then obviously the pain of self-doubt isn't strong enough.

This program is designed for people who are truly TIRED OF WONDERING IF THEIR MUSIC IS GOOD.

This program is designed for artists who NEED TO KNOW IF PEOPLE WILL ENJOY IT.

This program is for those are the MOST HUNGRY, HARDEST HUSTLERS, and READY TO TAKE OVER. 

This program is for the BEST IN THE GAME. 


This LIMITED TIME personal feedback option is the only program of its kind to be taught by the most experienced online rap coach in the world. You don't want to spend the rest of your career wondering what your music COULD HAVE sounded like and the fans you COULD HAVE HAD if you miss this opportunity. You already know what the right decision is.


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