You're Not A Real Rapper Until You Get Off Your Couch And Start Feeling The Power Of Thousands Of Fans Hanging On Your Every Word.


Are you ready to finally stop THINKING about what it would feel like to be a MUSICAL ICON and actually start BECOMING ONE?

How many...
...sleepless nights are you going to have recording half-completed "rough drafts" on unprofessional equipment with no one to listen to them but your Mom and girlfriend before you say enough is enough?
How many...
...guessing games are you going to play with yourself about where to collaborate with someone who will actually pay PERSONAL ATTENTION to your music, where to find EXPERT feedback on what you need to FIX in your tracks, and how to get fellow talented artists to HELP bring your musical vision to the world before you can't take it anymore?
How many...
...times will you have to wonder how to PROMOTE your mixtape, album, or EP to get REAL-LIFE engaged fans and followers of your music?






Have I got your attention? Good.

Take this as a wake-up call.

The solution for that change you're looking for is here.

You don't have feel ANY of thse doubts about your musical future any longer... but only if you make the right decision.

Only if you take your place among the greatest rap artists of the next generation in Hip-Hop history.

Only if you join me at the cutting edge of rap music in The "How To Rap Exclusive Class".

If I had learned what The Exclusive Class is about to teach you when I first started rapping, I would have LITERALLY shaved YEARS off of my learning time to becoming a future Rap GOD.

But you won't have to go through all that. Because we're here to guide you, and the best part is - we've done it before.

As the world's first and only true "professional rap coach", I've spent the last THREE YEARS working directly day-to-day (often 10-12 hours a day) with rappers from around the world to create the most effective online class ever divised BY RAPPERS, FOR RAPPERS.

You're not going to be getting feedback from your ex-girlfriend or your Facebook friends anymore. This is over 15 years of experience in the rap game as an actual ARTIST dishing out proven advice to you... and that's just from ONE member, me.

Before you've even joined, we've already spent over two years fixing every conceiveable issue for CURRENT MEMBERS stopping them from being a profilic recording artist with an engaged, worldwide fanbase.

We've helped members go from a career on life support to being featured on We've taken teenage cafeteria freestyle MCs to studio quality professional-grade songwriters. We've even taught rappers in other languages before.

This isn't a theory. it's a proven, time-tested SYSTEM to turn you the artist you want to be.


Group Space Is Limited

This isn't a group for "DABBLERS" or people who just like the "IDEA" of being a rapper. This is for the REAL hustlers and FUTURE MUSICAL ICONS of the 21st century.

This Sounds Dope, Drew! But What Do I Actually Get When I Join?

Thank you and I'm glad you're excited. That's a great question I'd be happy to answer for you.

The minute you sign up, you're going to receive INSTANT access to three things:

  • Full access with a special-made username and keycode to "The How To Rap Exclusive Vault", a top secret website with my absolute best secrets from over 15 years of rapping and 2 years of coaching rappers directly so that you can literally cut YEARS off of your learning curve and go from amateur to pro in record time from the comfort of your home. (These are NOT the same as the videos you see on YouTube). 


  • Immediate VIP Membership to "The How To Rap Exclusive Group" itself where you will join Drew and 50+ rappers from around the globe giving daily professional grade feedback, artist collaboration, and working in a safe family-style atmosphere where you can release all your musical ideas without fear of useless unproductive advice... this is where the HIGH QUALITY career-altering changes start to click in for you.


  • An introductory lesson of Drew's detailing the exact steps and mindsets needed to become an absolute hustler in the modern rap industry so that you can begin amassing THOUSANDS of fans towards your music while collaborating with our elite unit of MCs living the careers of our dreams ALREADY.

Already excited? Great. Well, not to brag... but there's more. In your first month with us, you're going to receive EXPERT level PERSONALIZED feedback in three ways:


  • You'll take part in our "Exclusive Group Monthly Challenge" specifically tailored to the goals and dreams of each individual member (that means you!) where you, me, and the team devise a plan to get you RESULTS in music by the end of the month so that you are no longer floating around The Internet looking for fans you can't find or not finishing songs due to lack of motivation.


  • You'll have exclusive access to me in the form of weekly online group calls and ONLINE FREESTYLE CYPHERS where just YOU and I (Drew) talk about your music and the exact changes that need to be made from the comfort of your home... anywhere in the world. You'll also get to practice your "off the top" flows with me in our cyphers. This allows me to follow your individual progress as an artist every step of the way so that I can literally EMBED my years of experience into your brain every week. 


  • You'll be taking part in our Daily Accountability Challenge where each member posts their day-to-day real-time progress on building the career of their dreams so that we can actually measure the progress of each artist and YOU as an Exclusive Member can have an edge on the competition before anyone else on the net... by holding yourself accountable to HUSTLE while other artists are SLEEPING.

Sound too good to be true? I understand, I might think that too. It probably IS too good to be true if all you plan to do is watch a few Exclusive videos, post one or two songs, and then waste your money on useless stuff that doesn't help your career... you can go back to posting memes right now if you want. But if you're serious and committed to us... here's a quick reminder:

REMEMBER: These benefits of joining the group all ALREADY HAPPENING and HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED for current members...



This isn't an opinion, this isn't an "educated guess". This is what we're doing right nowIt's on YOU to seize the moment. 

And space is limited. If I can't continue to promise the level of quality for each member on the advantages listed above, I'm closing registration. So if you are SERIOUS about taking complete control of your musical future, GET ON THIS NOW.

"I Get It, Drew, This Group Is Awesome... But Can I REALLY Get Results Like Other People?

Look, homey, I get it. You're nervous. This could be a big opportunity for you. Your whole life could change. But if I could toot my own horn (or have others toot it for me, haha) for a second, with every passing month we are getting more results for more people from more diverse backgrounds. Let me show you might just happen to YOU if you invest in US:

Now remember...

I mentioned earlier that there are over 50 members with us currently. What you've been reading is from just FOUR of them. Feeling a little bit more confident that jumping on board with "The Exclusive Group" can get you results?

There's No Way You Can Lose Spending A Week With Us

Without sounding arrogant, I'm so confident in this group, what we stand for and how committed we are to getting REAL results for REAL rappers (not spammy BS like a lot of the industry) that I'm giving you a 100% money back guarantee for your first week.

If you don't like the coaching you receive, if you don't like the group atmosphere, if you feel like you're more behind than when you joined, or if you just think The Exclusive Group is just plain old lame - I will send you your money back in full and without delay.

No questions asked. All I ask is that you spend 7 days trying out our program. That's an entire week to test us out and get a good feel for the relationship.

So, sign-up today before space fills up, give us your best like we'll give you our best, and let's it get it popping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any final concerns before you join? Below you'll find your answers.

Is The Exclusive Group Only For Advanced Rappers?

No. We have members of all skill levels and ages, including beginner artists over 30 years old and advanced artists under 20 years old.

Is The Exclusive Group Only For Beginner Rappers?

No. Members who already have some experience under their belt receive professional level coaching on more advanced concepts including industry-level songwriting, promotional tactics to gain thousands of fans, and attaining record label attention.

What if I don't have money?

Fair question. Take a step back and ask yourself if you've ever bought an XBox game in the last year. Ask yourself if you drink $5 Starbucks coffee any times during the month.

Ask yourself how much a month you spend on weed and / or alcohol. Ask yourself how much you spend on snapbacks or Jordans or any other clothing that isn't absolutely necessary.

Point blank: is lack of money REALLY or your problem or is it a poor spending habits? Are you spending money on frivolous things that won't help advance your career? This is an investment in a long-term vision for your dreams in music. This isn't a t-shirt or a video game.

This is an opportunity to change the world. Things of quality cost money and I've made sure to keep our group affordable to almost anybody who chooses to take their career seriously.

If I made it any cheaper we'd be filled with a bunch of bummy Instagram rappers promoting their poorly engineered mixtape. This is for high quality members. Adjust your spending a bit, sell your XBox, and come join us when you're ready to be for real.

What if I want to come for a month and then leave?

That's like releasing a single and then retiring from rap before your debut album comes out. If you're planning to sign up with plans to already leave the game, you may want to reconsider your commitment level. With that being said, if you feel like you just need a few tweaks directly with me (Drew), consider signing up for a 1-hour coaching call with me with no group membership and we can get your short-term problem fixed quickly.

Will I really get feedback on my songs?

Absolutely. Not only do I personally go through the work of every single member in our group, you have 50+ fellow artists I'm coaching from around the world checking our group posts every day. You will get the feedback you're looking from real ARTISTS, not just fans of the culture.

Why aren't you a famous rapper, Drew?

Every Michael Jordan needs a Phil Jackson. Just be sure to thank me in your Grammy speech and I'll be happy.

Ready To Begin The Career of Your Dreams?

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