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Personal 24/7 access to our private text group - get answers at anytime for your questions about the industry

Send us songs ANYTIME and get professional grade reviews QUICKLY and in a step-by-step format on how to improve 

FOUR times a week, you'll have live streams directly on your next path for networking and connections in the game

Technical support at any moment of the day to gain knowledge of the newest music technologies

Connect with a global network of artists growing in the music industry of the 21st century to expand your connections

Organized in a way that no matter your skill level and experience you will gain an industry level understanding of what it takes to make it in music

  • 6+ HOURS of HIDDEN BONUS FOOTAGE of high quality, organized VIDEO TRAININGS on every topic from work ethic to motivation to song structure and much more
  • Access to our ONLINE KINGPIN program which will teach you how to turn your social media into a one-man marketing agency! 

  • Access to our WRITER'S BLOCK IS DEAD PROGRAM that helps destroy your Writer's Block issues within an hour! 

  • Opportunities to be heard by our INDUSTRY INNER CIRCLE that includes a Grammy nominee, Kendrick Lamar and TDE's former videographer, Black Eyed Peas former videographer, and many others!

What People Are Saying:

“Just got contacted by an A&R scout for Universal Records about [my single]… ”

Vashaun Blanks, St. Louis, M.O., offered a record contract by Rick Ross' MMG after working with us

“Big How To Rap fan… I’ve been watching Drew’s videos for many many years… I went to school for mixing and mastering… [I was interested] in his passion for his content… I got over the mental mindframe of giving a person money to tell me about myself… It was an investment that was well worth it in the end… I always left eager to go… definitely worth the money… you gotta put the gas in the tank or you won’t go anywhere… if you feel like you need a mentor and don’t know anybody to be in that lane… definitely affordable compared to any consulting that you can get!”

Lusaid, Sacramento, CA, Engineer and Recording Artist

“One of the biggest issues for me was how to think creatively and get my thoughts organized… I was hoping that he’d be able to helped me with that… I felt like this was my step to becoming a better artist and fulfilling my dreams… I felt like this was a big step… I was pumped up! He’s legit though, honestly, he’s legit… If you look a lot of rap coaching websites that they’re gonna cover a lot of things… He definitely helped me out a lot!”

Justin Rivera, Orlando, Florida, Recording Artist

“After a couple days, I started to see improvement… Everything was just easier. I feel like… it alleviated some of the pressure on my shoulders… I was more comfortable about it… You don’t want to be that guy a year from now saying “I wished I had started [back then]”… So, would I recommend this? Hell yes… First of all, it will speed up your process… do it everyday, breathe it, eat it, live it… It will help you out a lot! You won’t regret it… Invest in yourself”

Raff Khokan, Queens, NY, Singer