How To Freestyle Rap Battle Explained By A Veteran (Corey Charron Interview)

Ever wanted to learn how to freestyle rap battle from someone who's already WON MAJOR AWARDS for it? Today, How To Rap has the honor and pleasure of interview freestyle rap battle icon, Corey Charron. Charron has won numerous honors in the famed "King of The Dot" and "Ultimate Rap League" freestyle rap battle competitions, as well as becoming an industry leader in going "off of the top" (demonstrating how to freestyle). We're going to ask Charron the REAL questions about learning how to flow and freestyle rap in this chat. 

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1) How did you get started learning how to freestyle rap battle as opposed to simply rapping things you pre-wrote?

  • In high school, started off with two friends by battling in a circle with one line each (or two bar set-up)
  • Eventually after a while, could go for 30 seconds to a minute
  • It's essentially muscle memory; after a while your brain gets trained to keep going when learning how to freestyle rap battle

2) How long it take before you were able to not "trip over" or "stumble through" your words while learning how to freestyle rap? 

  • It's hard, no doubt about that 
  • Even to this day, you still trip up and get stuck occasionally 
  • Maybe after a month or so, eventually you just learn ways to dealing with it
  • Your brain is a muscle too, the more you freestyle, you get "stronger"
  • You figure out the syllables and the "science to it" 

3) How do you learn to keep your cool when learning how to freestyle rap in "HIGH PRESSURE" situations? 

  • Even professional comedians and rappers get butterflies they come on... you have to let adrenaline become your best friend
  • Embrace the chaos... it could be amazing it could be horrible, whatever it is
  • You will have horrible, you will have amazing, you will have decent
  • Go into the washroom and picture your opponent... don't talk to any fans before the event
  • Once it starts, it's good.. it's like Forrest Griffin mentioning that you need to get punched in the face to know it's going down 

4) How do you create freestyle rap battle "rebuttals" and rhyme schemes on the fly (quickly)? 

  • Take whatever they have the biggest reaction from and then FLIP it on them so that it negates what they say
  • Pick apart their biggest haymakers
  • Finding schemes about shows or culture or references that are familiar 
  • Somedays you're on, and some days you're not on 

5) How much time do you spent practicing solo when learning how to freestyle? 

  • When first starting, a few hours every day
  • Reading rhyme dictionaries - it's not cheating, it's important... using sites like
  • All freestyle is = knowing every reference, idiom, rhyme scheme
  • Having tons on tons of rhyme patterns in the mind