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How To Rap develops Hip-Hop artists by improving their CONFIDENCE, overcome rap WRITER'S BLOCK, and create a mindblowing FLOW through video courses, online group classes, and one-on-one coaching.

We've coached artists in over 10 countries and four continents and the current students in our members-only EXCLUSIVE CLASS represent all backgrounds from Japan to Finland to Kenya to The United States... and many more!

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What We Offer

With more than 13 years of experience, hourly personal coaching from veteran MC and head coach Drew Morisey will take your knowledge of your personal strengths and weaknesses in rap from 0 to 100... real quick!

This is the first one-on-one coaching of its kind in rap history and Drew has personally coached artists from over 10 countries and four continents so far...

All ages and experience levels are accepted because Drew's been there before. You'll never have to rely just on the feedback of your friends, family, or social media... get an expert's opinion in a session with Drew!

With the decline of A&R departments at major labels, How To Rap's Exclusive Class is one the few remaining places you can rapidly and safely develop as an artist. While working hard for your dreams is probably our main motto, we keep a fun and chill environment where every track you release is reviewed by multiple artists perfecting their craft on a daily basis. Direct communication is key.
With release of our Solution To Rap Writer's Block Video Course, Drew Morisey's How To Rap has begun to transition into the premier innovators in the Rap Education market. From Writer's Block to The Mechanics of Flow to Confidence To Rap Anywhere, How To Rap will be releasing products on the art of MCing that have never been discussed in such an in-depth yet easy to understand format - the video course.

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Proof That It Works

Get Record Label Buzz In A Week

...and then get featured on MTV

Hear current students tell you just the facts about what's like to be coached by How To Rap

I'll let Exclusive Member Vashaun, currently being pursued by major record label A&Rs, tell you all about it:

Get Life-Changing Motivation

I always liked to write and have been writing short stories and poems. So when I first heard a rap song I was intrigued by it seeing it as a very peculiar form of writing. I always wanted to try and write a song myself, but it seemed impossible.

I found "How To Rap" videos on YouTube where it was shown as a recommended channel. When I checked it, I found tons of useful free content so I subscribed to the newsletter as well.

When I joined the Exclusive Group, I was surprised at how good it was structured so that rappers of any level, even complete beginners like myself, were able to find very practical information and tips. There are definitely some good stuff for advanced MCs as well, but for me it was important to learn the basics.

Another thing is that Group's environment was very safe and friendly, and I felt comfortable posting even my first imperfect songs. It's good to get some advice on how you can improve and constructive criticism without hate.

Drew was tremendously helpful, he even sent me messages to check on my progress and anwered all my questions.

I would absolutely recommend this Exclusive Group to anyone who is interested in improving their rap skills, especially those who want to made it a career, because there is a lot of information on promotion, getting fans etc.

I want to add that it was a great experience and it helped me to write and record my first two songs which I never thought I could do!

Alyona S. - St. Petersburg, Russia

...I'll let Blake Kaler, a teenage Internet rap SENSATION who joined us to learn songwriting and professional level music-making tell you how went from a freestyle artist to creating his very first full songs all while gaining thousands of plays and views ALL OVER social media:

...I'll let MC Statik, a natural talent who joined us to UP his MOTIVATION and unleash his creativity like never before tell you about what it's like to be in the group:

Get A Direction For Your Career

...and then I'll let Dave, a rapper / poet / motivational speaker from Dublin, Ireland who completely revolutionized his flow and vocal delivery after a few short hours of work with me tell you about his experience: