Don’t Become A Rap Fan’s WORST NIGHTMARE: #RapCoachRants, Ep. 1

It's not everyday that I step off of the "calm, cool, collected rap coach / teacher" soapbox to give some straight talk in this manner, but today, for the good of your future superstar career... it must be done.

We're going to take the gloves off and talk about social media violations that way too many up-and-coming [...]

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How To Rap Like A Pro Without Being Unoriginal!

Learning how to rap like a pro without being unoriginal is a problem that plagues most rappers on a day-to-day basis. Today I want to give you some practical solutions to this issue so that you can become the world-renowned artist you truly want to be.

The Shocking Truth About Unique Rap Styles
You're probably wondering why it's so [...]

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How To Promote Your Music: Rap And Hip-Hop Industry Secrets

I'll just start with the harsh truth: one of the main problems you'll face when learning how to promote your music properly is that you'll be given old advice.

Many people are going to tell you models that worked 10 years ago, but will fall incredibly flat today.

The lessons you'll learn in this article come directly from my [...]

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Don’t Know What To Rap About? Here’s How To Change Your Mindset In 7 Ways

If you're telling yourself that you have "no idea what to rap about" and THAT's the reason you're not living the career of your dreams... I'm here to smash this nonsense right out of your head.

Mindshift #1: You ALWAYS Have Something To Rap About
Before we even begin, I want to destroy a couple of useless [...]

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How To Rap Like A Pro: Your RAP VOICE Improved In 6 Minutes Flat

If you've ever wanted to learn how to rap like a pro, but are basically clueless about how to create a rap voice full of passion, excitement, and intensity... then this is the article for you.

We'll go in-depth on the essential secrets that I've used over the last decade and a half of MCing, as [...]

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  • How You Know These Secrets Are Legit

How To Reach Music Supervisors: Rap Industry Secrets You MUST Know Immediately

By the end of today’s article, you will know (and use) 3 to 5 expert level tips on how to reach music supervisors and other high-powered individuals in the music industry.

How You Know These Secrets Are Legit
I’ve learned about this information from personal experience on both ends of the spectrum.

What I mean by that is I’ve personally [...]

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How To Not Give A F#$k About Haters

So, I wake up to this violent message in my comment boxes this morning:

Well, damn! Tell us how you really feel.

Now, if you're anything like most beginning artists (especially if you don't have much clout yet), you'd probably read this and feel an instant surge in the pit of your stomach.

You'd want to react. You'd want [...]

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Rappers: Scared To Perform On Stage?

Today, we're going to demystify one of the more terrifying aspects of being a beginning MC. This, of course, is your initial fear to rap in front of other people. If you've ever once felt scared to perform on stage, we're going to break down several key methods to minimize (or even) eliminate this fear [...]

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Rap Internet Marketing vs. Local Hip-Hop Promotion: Which Is Better

Today, we discuss what has been come a classic question that defines many of the careers of up-and-coming rappers: In order to become a Hip-Hop superstar, is it better to build an internet buzz or local buzz first?

Well, you’re in luck, because by the end of this article… you’ll have your answer.

Now, this is a [...]

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How To Rap: Avoid Being A Wack Rapper In Three Simple Steps

In today’s article, you’re going to learn three extremely easy-to-follow steps on how to avoid being a wack rapper, or wack rap listener.

You see, the ideal career for you as a rap artist is one in which you’re learning ALL of the time, and taking knowledge from not only the legends… but even your competition [...]

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